What is NFT ?

NFT stands for "non-fungible token." An NFT is a digital asset that links ownership to unique physical or digital objects. For example you can create a NFT , say appreciation NFT for team members of your project and award it to the team as a unique, everlasting souvenir in digital world.

What is TrustyX?

Trustyx vision is to revolutionize the projects and products life-cycle catalog using smart contracts. Trustyx currently features an AI assisted image creation and NFT minting workflow built on Solana.

TrustyX platform quickly turns your digital artifacts such as JPEGs, PNGs, MP4s, PDFs, and other formats into NFTS on the blockchain. Trustyx roadmap will focus on first-mile workflow specializing in NFT creation and ownership assignment unlike other NFT marketplaces focused on trading.

The digital object created and stored on blockchain stays there forever and becomes a witness for its authenticity.

Why TrustyX?

AI Generated Text to Image Conversionn

With integrated AI to convert your texts into images , TrustyX turns your thoughts into mint-ready NFTs.

Wrangle workflow before minting

The user can wrangle the digital objects (be it structured data or unstructured content) Trustyx gives user control to make modifications of their choice.

Try first , Mint later

Trustyx serves as studio to develop and wrangle your NFT meta data. With the try-first and mint-later workflow, the user can review, edit, wrangle the digital objects (be it structured data or unstructured content) to make then NFT-ready and let the user decide to mint now or later.

Bulk Mint

One of the unique feature of Trustyx’s platform is bulk minting, no matter how many NFTs you want to mint Trustyx will take care of your batch processing.

Image Editing

The Trustyx platform enables users to do advanced editing in image studio or wrangle data like a data engineer to make modifications as they see fit before minting the NFT.

Why only TrustyX?

Only you can use your wallet so no one can steal your data.

One of the lowest gas fee.


It’s free to create and make your objects in Trustyx NFT studio, mint NFTs using 100 free credits. Monthly subscription fee of $50 is charged once you consume all your free credits.

Phantom Wallet Support

Phantom wallet that offers a simple and secure way of interacting with multiple blockchain networks in the Solana ecosystem. The wallet comes with an easily accessible extension that allows users to collect NFTs, and even swap tokens within the wallet.


TrustyX is a perfect platform for NFT creators who want to mint and sell their products on the primary market, while potentially earning royalties from additional sales ,the original creators of NFTs get extra payouts when other users purchase their collectibles and resell them.

Easy to use interface

You don’t need any tutorial to mint NFT on our platform because of the user-friendly interface of our platform. You are just a few clicks away from your marvellous NFT.


Provenance Records

The origin of an asset is essential in understanding it’s quality. The blockchain, combined with digital signatures and machine-to-blockchain software, provides a means of securely recording the provenance.

Digital Identity

Verifying an asset authenticity is assurance of its value.Blockchain enables more secure management and storage of digital identities by providing unified, interoperable, and tamper-proof infrastructure with key benefits to enterprises, users, and IoT management systems.


Blockchain-based traceability has the potential to identify counterfeits or fake transactions, tracking/tracing product origin, and supply chain activities at the same time can ease paperwork processing

Why On Chain?

NFTs that store their metadata on-chain and redundantly will be around forever. NFTs whose metadata are stored off-chain are at the mercy of 3rd-parties that can and will sometimes go bust, which in turn dooms all the media involved.